Americans with Disabilities Caucus

Americans with Disabilities Caucus

Terique Scott, Chair

TeriqueMy name is Terique Scott. I have been a Seattle resident for over 3 years. I moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio. When I moved here, I was able to meet Elizabeth Campbell and through her I was able to really find a home in in the Seattle area by meeting and getting involved with other great organizations such as KCYD, Belltown Community Council, PACE and now YDWA.

I am very passionate about People of Color with disabilities, racism, prison to school pipeline, LGBT rights and Environmental issues. I feel there should be more awareness for people of color and their issues in the Washington area, especially in Seattle where gentrification has displaced a lot of long time residents of areas such as Central District which was a historically African American community. Also the current climate has me scared as I do not want to see Washington affected by wild fires such as what you see going on with California and Colorado. Global Warming is happening to our world right now and we need to figure out how to combat the effects. I would like to bring new ideas and more diverse experience to YDWA. I hope to continue the great legacy YDWA has brought to the Washington community regarding community engagement and action.

In my free time, I love to play flag football, basketball, row, sail and listen to a variety of music such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock and Roll.
Phone Number: 440.796.9592

Matthew Barry Kanter, Vice Chair

Matthew Barry Kanter grew up in the suburbs just east of Seattle. It was a very normal childhood filled with normal childhood things (Like being a plus sized child model and once being invited to sing and dance for the Emperor of Japan) except for one thing, he has dyspraxia and ADHD. A lifelong special education student he was constantly frustrated by two things he saw. 1) Despite the school district having a high Caucasian majority, the Special Ed classes were minority majority Matt Kanterand 2) All special education decisions were being made by his parents and teachers, who always seemed to disagree with each other, but never seemed to ask him for what he needed. So he dropped out and enrolled in Lake Washington Technical College where we would study Culinary Arts while finishing his High School Diploma. Matt’s main policies of interest include Social Justice, Special Education, Redistricting Reform, and more.  He was very lucky in high school to receiver his leadership training from the B’nai B’rith Youth Organizing, starting in the 8th grade and holding many chapter, city, and regional offices including being City Aleph Godol (President) and Regional Aleph Moreh (Vice President of Membership and Education) before graduating. Outside of YDWA he is also involved with Friends of Historic Belltown (where he is the Treasurer), 36th District Democrats (where he is an acting PCO), 21 Progress, and Fare Start.

Within the Young Democrats he is the Political Director for the King County Young Democrats and was the founder of two caucuses this year, The Jewish Caucus (which he chairs), and the Americans with Disabilities Caucus (where he is the Vice Chair). His hobbies include cooking, learning, watching cartoons, traveling, and looking great in Purple.