Caucus Leaders

Caucuses chartered with the Young Democrats of Washington are the advocacy arm of the organization. They are managed by the Advocacy Director and¬†charged with completely a caucus project. They can work with the Policy Director and Communications Department to do research projects and share the Young Democrats of Washington’s perspective on current affairs.

What makes up a caucus?

  • A list of at least five members of the caucus, including a Caucus Chair
  • A one-sentence summary of the constituency the caucus seeks to represent
  • A paragraph-length description of activities the caucus might lead or participate in over the next year

Once these applications are submitted to the Advocacy Director, the Advocacy Director will present materials to the general board with a recommendation to charter or not. Before chartering, the general board must have the opportunity to question the proposed chair or vice chair of the organization on their mission and values.

Current YDWA Caucuses


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