Department of Membership Engagement

The Department of Membership Engagement organizes on-the-ground activities throughout the state, including determining campaign efforts and providing training and resources to local YDWA chapters. The Eastern and Western Washington Directors work directly with local chapter chairs. 

Josh Cole, Vice President of Membership Engagement

Josh Headshot

Josh is a lifelong resident of Washington State. Raised in Olympia, he went to Capital High School where he excelled at the Speech part of Speech and Debate and once captained the B-Team for Knowledge Bowl. He received his B.A. in Politics and Government from the University of Puget Sound and his MPA from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance. Previously, he has worked on and volunteered for a variety of campaigns and non-profits.

When he is not studying or working, Josh enjoys old episodes of the Simpsons, glaring at his cat, and obsessively reading the most recent issue of the New Yorker.

Katie Crombie, Campaign Director

Katie CrombieKatie Crombie found her way to Democratic politics after growing up in conservative North Clark County, unsatisfied with the status quo. She has been an executive member of the Young Democrats of Clark County and a member of the YDWA General Board for almost as long as she has been in politics in general. She is a passionate advocate for social justice and is pursuing her dreams to work in Social Work and Law.

David Barragan, Eastern Washington Director

David Barragan

Born and raised in Toppenish, WA, also known as where the west still lives, David has been well involved in his community serving as a hospital volunteer and has held state office positions throughout his high school career. He has volunteered in different democratic campaigns while attending Washington State University, double Majoring in Business and Political Science #GoCougs. He currently serves as the Events Director for Global Scholars and plans on running for Executive Director this spring. David is also part of the Higher Education caucus along with the Queer caucus and hopes to bring some events to the east side of the state during his 2016- 2017 term.

When not studying or working, David enjoys going on missions around Pullman and surrounding areas. His favorite to go to spot would be the Pullman-Moscow Airport at 3am and Walmart runs at 4am.

Marc Oommen, Western Washington Director

Marc OommenMarc grew up in Skagit County where he cut his teeth as a community and Democratic Party activist. He has served in various capacities in the Democratic Party including as the current State Committee Man for Skagit County Democrats, former Chair of the 40th District Democrats, and, until recently, as a PCO for various precincts over the last eight years. In 2012, he was a Congressional District Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Marc is making a return to YDWA leadership, after taking a three year sabbatical to study the short-term effects of party leadership on one’s mental and physical health. After finding multiple gray hairs, he decided to limit his exposure to party leadership positions. His past roles on the Executive and General Board for YDWA include VP of Development, VP of Membership and Outreach, and as the president of the Young Democrats of Skagit County. He looks forward to advising and mentoring chapters to become more active and engaged in the party. He received his B.A. from Western Washington University, where he attended Fairhaven College and majored in Law, Diversity, and Justice: Public Policy and Social Inequality. He currently works at a nonprofit whose mission is to engage college students in their education through service in their community.

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