YDWA Endorsement Questionnaire 2016

2016 Amended Endorsement Process

The Young Democrats of Washington Endorsements

The YDWA Endorsement Policy is as follows:

The Endorsement Committee shall exist as a standing committee of the General Board and shall conduct interviews, prepare and review questionnaires, research candidates, and perform any others tasks necessary to evaluate Democratic candidates for public office.
A final report including all recommendations relating to endorsements by the organization shall be prepared and submitted to the General Board. Any recommendation by the Endorsement Committee shall be approved by the General Board upon a simple majority vote.

If you are interested in seeking YDWA’s endorsement for the 2016 election, please contact our Vice President of Membership Josh Cole at josh.cole@ydwa.org or 360.584.4826.

Our next Endorsement Committee meeting will take place Saturday, February 27th 2016 at our state convention in Vancouver, WA. 

 If you have any questions contact Josh Cole, VP of Membership at josh.cole@ydwa.org or 360.584.4826.

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