Endorsement and Straw Poll Results

The winners of our Memorial Day weekend straw poll were:
Laura Ruderman for 1st CD
Jim McDermott for 7th CD
Craig Pridemore for State Auditor
Kathleen Drew for Secretary of State

At our business meeting later that week, we updated our endorsements to add:
Brian Sullivan- 1st Congressional special election
Peter Goldmark- Public Lands Commissioner
Mike Kreidler- Insurance Commissioner
Marcus Riccelli- 3rd LD District
Craig Pridemore- State Auditor
Kathleen Drew- Secretary of State
Jeff Davis- 35th LD
Denny Dellwo- 6th LD
Amy Biviano- 4th LD
Zack Hudgins- 11th LD pos. 1
Jim McDermott – 7th CD
3rd LD: Andy Billig
Sly Cann and Gerry Pollet- 46th LD

Endorsements in the 1st CD and 36th LD have been tabled.

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  1. Rob Dolin says:

    Where is the complete list of Endorsements?

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