YDWA Pride Campaign

YDWA Queer Caucus Chair, Matt Bobbink, created the YDWA Pride campaign this year. His goal was to go to as many Pride celebrations across the state as possible, and have Young Democrats participate and work on outreach. Check out some of the highlights!

The Spokane County Young Democrats started us off strong marching in Spokane Pride with their handmade banner!


YDWA went to Olympia to join in Capital City Pride! Representative Sam Hunt stopped by to say hello and wish us well.

Over 50 Young Democrats marched in the Seattle Pride Parade!


Congressman Kilmer stopped by to say hello during the Tacoma Pride festival!

The last Pride was in Bellingham – home of Matt Bobbink who did an amazing job organizing everyone! Thank you to all the Young Democrats who participated and to Matt for putting it all together!

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