YDWA Legislative Agenda:

While we invade Olympia on February 17th, we thought we’d get a few things accomplished! There are a lot of issues facing young people today, but lets face it – us young people don’t get to stay young forever. We’re mindful of this unfortunate fact, and as such have chosen to focus on a number of issues coming before the 2014 legislative session in Olympia.

Let’s start with the Dream Act (HB 1817) as this as already hurdled through the House and is on its way to the Senate. We understand the importance of an open education system that does not discriminate, and as such we’ll continue to work with legislators to ensure the passage of this bill. Please contact our Diversity Caucus Chair, Lakecia Farmer if you are interested in this bill: lakecia.farmer@ydwa.org.

First day of session - Betsy w naral

KCYD chair Betsy Walker joins NARAL activists to support the RPA!

The second issue we will be fighting for is the Reproductive Parity Act (RPA, EHB 1044). The Reproductive Parity Act safeguards a woman’s right to choose by requiring that all insurance plans sold in Washington State cover abortions if they cover maternity care. No woman should find her choices limited because her insurer or employer offers a health plan that does not provide maternity AND abortion coverage. Please contact Betsy Walker if you are interested in this bill: betsy.walker@ydwa.org.

Third on our list of soon-to-be laws is an issue that is facing many Americans, and one that as a Nation, we lag behind on. Paid sick leave (HB 1313) is essential to a healthy work force, and I mean that literally. Workers should not be punished for coming down with the cold, let’s put a stop to this nonsense and make our workplaces more productive. Please Contact our Labor Caucus Chair, Eric Herde if you are interested in this bill: eric.herde@ydwa.org.

Our final legislative goal for 2014 is to Pay it Forward. I amof course referring to the new effort to fund higher education in a responsible and forward thinking way. The hallmark of a great society is a great educational system, and by extension, access to that system. The sticker price of a bachelor’s degree has many prospective students walking away, it’s time to change that. Anyone who wants to attend college should be able to, and in our great nation, financial means should not determine one’s educational level. Please contact our Higher Education Caucus Chair, Elissa Goss if you are interested in this bill: elissa.goss@ydwa.org.

If you’re interested in signing up for the YDWA lobby day, please follow this link and register for the event. If you have any questions regarding lobby day, please email me at alex.clardy@ydwa.org.

Thank you for tuning in to YDWA’s legislative agenda, we look forward to working with everyone during this legislative session!

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