Proud to Announce YDWA’s New General Board!

General board at general meetingCongratulations to our 2014-2015 YDWA new board members! Over the next week we will update our website to include their pictures and bios so you can learn more about our fantastic team, but until then here are the YDs who were elected at our general session:

Lynda Foster, President

Sarah Kohout, Executive Vice President

Israel Rios, Vice President of Membership & Outreach

Ben Crowther, Vice President of Policy & Legislative Affairs

Mike Pond, Vice President of Communications

Joanna Nesgoda, Vice President of Development

Angela Bastien, Vice President of Finance

Greg Haffner, Campaign Director

Betsy Walker, Technology Director

Alex Clardy, Eastern Washington Organizer

Seamus Davis, Western Washington Organizer

Caucus Chairs and Vice-chairs are also peeps to watch out for! They’re going to do great things. Find out who was elected on their page.

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