Shout out to our sponsors – you are the best!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Convention is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It pays for our operating costs, much of our programming, and this year funds our caucus projects. Each sponsor has made a tremendous difference to the success of YDWA’s 2014-2015 board, and we are forever thankful for their generosity.

We’d also like to thank our 2013-2014 Legacy Sponsors:

32nd District Democrats
Brandom Adams
Kelly Drake
Mike Estes
Lynda Foster
Megan Gustafson Melloy
Greg Hartman
Peggy Hartman
Greg Haffner
International Association of of Machinists Lodge No. 86
Chiho Lai
Amanda Nelson
Andrew Peabody

Awards, shutter shades, baby clothes, ribbons, and other extravagances brought to you by the co-chairs of the YDWA Unnecessary Extravagances Committee:


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