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At our Convention last weekend, we heard from Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson who spoke on the expanded role of money in politics. Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC allow billionaires to pour unlimited amounts of money into races across the country.

These decisions are especially devastating to young people like you and me – we don’t have the money to funnel thousands of dollars to candidates of our choice. What we do have, however, is time, energy and enthusiasm. This year, the Young Democrats of Washington are going to make sure that the voices of young people aren’t drowned out by money. Over the summer and fall, we will be holding events across the state to support candidates who share our values.

We need your help to plan these events. After you watch Attorney General Ferguson’s video, commit to spend one day this summer volunteering with the Young Democrats of Washington. Tell us what part of our state you live in, and where you can help us out.

Click here to commit a day for the Young Democrats of Washington.

The elections this fall are crucial to our state and our country, and we need your help to make sure Young Democrats from across Washington State have their voices heard.

Thank you,

Greg Haffner
Campaign Director
Young Democrats of Washington

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