Three Law Makers + the Women’s Caucus = One Great Time!

The YDWA Women’s Caucus gathered in Tacoma, WA, to meet three outstanding elected women to talk about how we can take on greater leadership roles within the Democratic party. A huge thank you to Senator Jeannie Darneille and Fircrest City Councilwoman Shannon Reynolds for starting the evening out by getting coffee with us and sharing their personal stories with our caucus.IMG_6736

After coffee, we attended Congressman Denny Heck’s screening of Inequality for All (a great discussion starter all on it’s own!) to meet with DNC Chair, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz and ask for her advice on how to support and encourage young women to be more active in politics. She encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing, and to build strong networks that will be there for us when we take on our next challenge!

A huge thank you to Congressman’s Heck team, for letting us attend their event and meet with the Congresswoman. Also, thank you to long-time Democrat and feminist, Sally Kapphahn, for sponsoring the YDWA Women’s Caucus for this event! Now for our #CongressionalSelfies

IMG_6750 IMG_6742

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