Elizabeth Warren’s “A Fighting Chance” book reading

a fighting chanceOn May 29th, 2014, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) visited the University District in Seattle on a tour for her new book, A Fighting Chance, and we made sure to have a Young Democrat presence at such a rare event.

Lynda Foster, the current President of YDWA, “didn’t consider herself easily swayed by political rhetoric, because all her do is attend political events.” That said, she found that Warren’s book “grabbed her from the start and there were points at which she simply could not put it down.” It fired her up and “after finishing it she immediately reached out to local campaigns and started scheduling volunteer days.”

Kevin Hannigan, the current Chair of the Snohomish County Young Democrats, found Warren “charismatic” and “knowledgeable about issues” that are most important to her. He feels thankful that she is in the Senate representing those that are not typically represented in politics, and is interested to see whether or not she chooses to run for President in 2016.

During the question and answer session after Warren discussed her book, the Young

We weren't allowed to take photos, else we would have gotten a less blurry image :)

We weren’t allowed to take photos, else we would have gotten a less blurry image 🙂

Democrats were represented when she answered a question by one of our own. Katherine Sims, a freshman at the University of Washington and involved in YDUW, asked the question about what the Senator thinks about getting women involved in politics. Warren first responded by repeating her name and waving to her, and then proceeded to discuss her thoughts on women in politics.

“So, what is her advice? ‘Just do it!’ she emphatically answered, then laughed, acknowledging that that slogan is already in use by a certain sports company. She then shared a story about her friend, Washington’s own Senator Patty Murray. When Warren was deciding whether or not to run, she doubted her qualifications. Murray told her ‘You know what? Men are never worried if they’re not qualified.’ and encouraged her to go for it. This anecdote left me feeling proud to be represented well, and empowered to pursue positive change myself. I’m eager to finish Elizabeth Warren’s book, and I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from her.”

As multiple Young Democrats already said, hearing from Elizabeth Warren was inspiring. Whether or not we agree with her, one thing is for certain: she is an impressive human being. Her story is one of the many that gives hope for all of us—it is, in essence, the American dream. It stimulates all of us, regardless of our background, to try and make tomorrow a better day than today; to create the change necessary for our children and grandchildren to live the American dream like so many before us did.

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