YDWA Announces Our Top 7 Candidates

The Young Democrats of Washington’s campaign committee assembled to review and select the nominations of crucial races across Washington to be chosen as our campaign priorities. We are proud to announce our final list of 7 outstanding candidates, and to start organizing a YDWA day of action for each campaign! Read who we selected, and why they were nominated, then join us in showing your support
Denny Heck, nominated by the Pierce County Young Democrats

Denny HeckWe are thrilled to have Denny Heck in Congress, and are determined to help keep him there. Congressman Heck has been a great supporter of the Young Democrats of Washington, and is a great voice for the interests of young people in the ‘other Washington’.

Rich Cowan, nominated by Spokane County Young Democrats
Seth Fleetwood, nominated by Whatcom County and Western Washington University Young Democrats
Tami Green, nominated by the Pierce County Young Democrats
Matt Isenhower, nominated by the King County Young DemocratsYDWA volunteering for Matt Isenhower

The most important statewide race in Washington this year won’t appear on any ballot. Young Democrats are committed to winning back the State Senate, and have chosen four great candidates from every corner of Washington State to help accomplish that. We trust these candidates to support the values of the Young Democrats of Washington. We believe strongly that Olympia needs Rich Cowan, to lead on jobs; Seth Fleetwood, to protect our environment; Tami Green, to fight for working families; and Matt Isenhower, to champion education. With leaders like Rich, Seth, Tami and Matt, we are confident that Olympia can get moving again.

Monica Stonier, nominated by the Young Democrats of Clark County

Monica StonierHouse Republicans have made unseating Monica Stonier their number one campaign priority for this election; she both deserves and needs our help to continue representing the interests of young people. Monica Stonier has worked tirelessly on issues important to Young Democrats, such as creating a low-cost state loan program that would make college affordable for thousands of young Washingtonians.

Craig Pridemore, nominated by the Young Democrats of Clark County

As we focus most of our attention on national- and state-level races, it’s important that we don’t forget the many local elections. This year, no local election is more important than Craig Pridemore’s campaign for Clark County Commissioner. Young Democrats in Clark County are looking to Craig Pridemore to champion the Home Rule Charter, and we at the state level stand by them.

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