10 Steps to a Hillary Clinton Book Signing!

Step one: Show up at 5:00 am and get in line, before it goes on forever.

the line

Step two: Find all of the coffee.


Step three: Bring entertainment, collect 90 signatures!


Step four: Sell out of YDWA’s fundraising Hillary Clinton Buttons (we have more now if you want one).


Step five: The line starts moving! We all buy wrist bands.

wrist band

Step six: second coffee break.


Step 7: Get back in line! There is no picture, but it was five hours of running into friends and watching the world cup.

Step 8: Go through security, wait in another line and practice taking selfies.

practice selfie

Step 9. Hillary Clinton shows up. Take lots of selfies.



Step ten: Leave with pricesless keepsake, great story!


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