GOTV in the 45th – YDWA doorbells for Matt Isenhower!

Isenhower Day of ActionThe Young Democrats of Washington held their third day of action, a GOTV blitz for State Senate candidate Matt Isenhower! 11 Young Democrat volunteers braved thunder, climbed hills, and doorbelled throughout Redmond, Kirkland and Sammamish to make sure good Democrats everywhere cast their ballots.

Matt Isenhower was nominated to be a YDWA priority candidate to represent King County’s east side’s top priorities: fully funding education, fixing our broken transportation system, and protecting our communities. Taking back the Senate is crucial to passing progressive legislation Matt Isenhower believes in, like the Reproductive Parity Act and the Toxic-Free Kids and Family Act. We were glad we could lend a hand leading up to the primary!

After doorbelling, YDWA got together for an after-party to start planning a big event… keep your eyes peeled for news about our upcoming Murder Mystery event this October!

Murder mystery planning

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