YDWA Takes Back the Senate: Karaoke Style!

The Young Democrats of Washington was proud to co-host the Take Back the Senate: Karaoke Style fundraiser hosted by Mario Brown and the 32nd LD Democrats! We learned some very important facts: did you know our elected officials can sing? We voted the best performances of the night were from Senators John McCoy and Bob Hasegawa.

The Young Democrats of Washington also participated! Sarah Kohout and Chiho Lai started us off with the ever upbeat “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.


All of the Young Democrats came together to perform a tradition started what we can only assume was eons ago – to poorly sing “Memory” by cats, using only the word “Meow.”

IMG_8560[1]We had a really amazing time! Thanks again to the hard work of former Snohomish County YD Vice-chair Mario Brown for all his hard work, and reminding us that we can have fun while fighting for Democracy!


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