Young Democrats in Ferndale – Attending the WSDCC meeting and doorbelling for Seth Fleetwood

The Young Democrats of Washington joined the Washington State Democratic Central Committee at their fall meeting in Ferndale, Washington. This meeting was especially important because it took place at the same time as our 5th and last doorbelling day.

IMG_8885[1]The event started Friday night with the YDWA Environment Caucus hosting a hospitality suite, with celebrity bartender, City Councilmember Michael Lilliquist. Michael has long been a supporter of the Young Democrats, we were thrilled he could join us! YDWA members banded together to bake cookies, provide chips, and donate libations so that we could show the state party a great time – and to raise money to pay for lunch for everyone who doorbelled on Saturday. 

IMG_8898[1]Did you participate in our straw poll? You could vote for president and get a YDWA button with your donation! We started with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden, but eager guests quickly added their favorites to the race. Chiho Lai decided to set things off by submitting his own name for consideration, but even his self-funded campaign couldn’t stand up to Washington Democrat’s love of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren! Thank you to everyone who showed support for the Young Democrats – your help paid for lunch for our doorbellers, and also covered costs for the YDWA table at the WSDCC meeting. Thank you to our YDWA state committee representative Patrick Stickney for staffing the table for us!


Saturday morning, Young Democrats met up to greet state Senate candidate Seth Fleetwood. Seth is the environmental champion we need in the Senate! His opponent is the republican chair of the environment committee – and says crazy things like that climate change isn’t real. Yeah, he’s not a good guy. Thankfully, Seth is working hard every day in the 42nd, and YDWA was glad we could help out!


This was our fifth and final doorbell day for YDWA priority candidates. This year we have doorbelled for Tami Green in the 28th, Rich Cowan in the 6th, Matt Isenhower in the 45th, Monica Stonier in the 17th, and Seth Fleetwood in the 42nd. We want to thank all of the great candidates who stepped up to run in these swing seats, and all of the Young Democrats who participated! We had 53 doorbell shifts filled, knocking on thousands of doors. We hope everyone can join us one last time when we phone bank this October for our final priority candidate, Congressman Denny Heck.

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