YDWA Does the Puyallup!

On September 14 the Young Democrats of Washington took over the Democrat booth at the Washington State Fair for a day of fun, activism and elephant ears! Most of the IMG_8939[1]Pierce County Young Democrats who participated still call it “The Puyallup Fair” – but whichever name you use, it is still a great opportunity to register voters and inform the public about upcoming elections! Also, the booth is right across from the original Fisher Scone pavilion, so it was the prefect opportunity to eat a lot of the classic fair staple.

IMG_8957[1]The Young Democrats also helped sell buttons to raise money for through their presidential straw poll and for the Pierce County Democrats, but the mantra of the day was “register voters!” and the Young Democrats took to it with enthusiasm. Even after the Seahawks lost and the crowd was a little bummed out, Young Democrats kept our spirits up. In the end, our day at the fair was the top voter registration day for the Democrat’s booth!

YDWA can’t wait until next year when the fair comes back, and we have a chance to do the Puyallup again!


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