YDWA Labor Caucus participates in Tacoma Paid Sick Leave push

Phone bank for sick leaveAs you may know, the top legislative priority of the YDWA Labor Caucus is HB 1313, which would establish minimum standards for paid sick leave. The bill passed the House this year 52-45, but, like so many other good bills, did not make it out of committee in the Senate. Those who work in Seattle are already protected by paid sick leave laws, but the rest of the state is not. Many people in Tacoma are unwilling to wait for the state to pass the bill, and are pushing the City Council to adopt a paid sick leave ordinance. Recently, the YDWA Labor Caucus assisted with this effort. Early this month, volunteers from the Labor Caucus helped Healthy Tacoma, the organization pushing the ordinance, to contact 800 people whom Healthy Tacoma had already identified as supporting paid sick leave, and invite them to the next City Council meeting. Talking only to identified supporters was a welcome change from the sort of phone banking that most of us are used to from campaigns.

Eric TestifyingOn September 9th, many of us attended the City Council meeting to witness and take part in the public forum on paid sick leave. Many Tacoma residents and workers were there to talk about why paid sick leave is important, and to debunk the conservative talking points put forward by the lobbyist for the Freedom Foundation, who was the only person to speak against the proposed ordinance. We look forward to seeing paid sick leave implemented in Tacoma, and soon the rest of the state as well.

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