Environment Caucus Statement on Jay Inslee’s carbon reduction proposal

As you may know, Governor Inslee just released a proposal requiring industry to pay money by way of dollar per ton of carbon emitted. 130 companies in Washington State would be on the hook under said proposal. This cap-and-trade program is expected to raise $1 billion for a transportation package. One may raise the question, “well, this punishes business, doesn’t it?” Well, those that pollute below the cut-off line (the cut-off line will be determined via auction) will be able to sell remaining emissions to those that go over.

We here at the Environmental Caucus of Young Democrats of Washington applaud Governor Inslee. It is nice to see a politician stand up for the environment instead of caving to interest groups. Climate Change is the biggest issue facing youth today. We still have a long way to go, as this isn’t the only anthropogenic problem we have here in Washington. For example, warming is causing the release of methane reserves EQUAL in volume to that of the Deepwater Horizon spill annually (Hickey, 2014). However, it is nice to see our politicians working towards solviong these problems, and hopefully, a sustainable future. Bravo, Mr. Inslee

The Environmental Caucus of Young Democrats of Washington

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