Clark County Walking the Walk!

“We have to do that,” Audrey whispered as we sat in a local auditorium, listening to the Board Chair for Clark County’s Walk & Knock, talk about the local event and the good it is doing.  “We have to walk the walk.” Audrey, a member of the Young Democrats of Clark County and the YDWA Women’s Caucus Chair, didn’t just mean that we literally had to walk the walk.  She meant figuratively as well.


Back row (L to R): Katie Crombie, Elizabeth Brodie, Megan Johnson, Justin Allen, Audrey Miller, Seamus Davis

Front row (L to R): Emily Goddard, Melissa Boles, Mike Pond, Michael Blankenship


Our Chair, Erica Marchbank, has encouraged us to get involved in the community and be present as Young Democrats at all kinds of events, and we were able to truly take that to heart on Saturday, December 6. At 8:00am we piled into cars and drove the few blocks to the local elementary school to pick up our packets, bundled up and loaded with YDCC buttons.

Clark County’s Walk & Knock is the largest food drive in the county.  The last two Saturdays in November, paper bags are enclosed with several of the county’s local newspapers, and Clark County residents are asked to leave bags of non-perishable food on their front door for Walk & Knock volunteers to pick up.  If there isn’t a paper bag on the front step, volunteers are trained to knock, which almost always gets them a bag of donated food.

The YDCC split into three groups – two cars that drove around a section of the downtown Vancouver area, and a group that went to a local middle school to help pack boxes.  Over the course of just a few hours, the 10 members of YDCC picked up approximately 1,000 lbs of food and packed over 100 boxes of food.  We made new friends while packing boxes, and got to help members of the community both while picking up food and once we dropped it off.

As Democrats, we believe in community, helping our local residents, and reaching out to those who have the most need.  Clark County’s Walk & Knock was an amazing way for our growing YDCC to show the community that we Young Democrats don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


-Melissa Boles


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