YDWA goes to the WSDCC re-org – with fantastic results!

Young Democrats assemble with their Seahawks spirit at the February WSDCC meeting               in Olympia.

Young Democrats attended the central committee meeting of the Washington State Democratic Party in Olympia on Jan 24, 2015. This quarterly meeting of party representatives from each legislative district and county parties started out with a Friday welcome reception at the state capitol (with energizing remarks by Governor Inslee) followed by a night of mingling and connecting with passionate and engaged party activists from across the state.

The next day we started bright and early to set up the Young Dems table, providing information about our lobby day and the other assorted projects we’re up to. (stay tuned!)


Many of our Young Dems attended caucus or committee meetings they were passionate about to talk about issues important to the party and state. We then had our Young Dems meeting where we brainstormed priority local races to follow and possibly support in the fall. We’re still making decisions, but we know that some of the most important change happens in our cities and counties, and are just as critical as state or federal elections.

After our very productive meeting we broke for lunch and came back for the general session of the central committee meeting. In this session the party representatives deliberate over the direction of the party and take stances on pressing issues that the members care about. This included electing the officers of the party. All officers were reelected, including Young Democrat Rob Dolin as secretary! The central committee then passed important resolutions like supporting our Seahawks, urging the legislature to pass a statewide single-payer healthcare system, and making sure our communities are safe from oil trains which derail and leak or explode (Click here to see other resolutions passed in the February meeting).

After taking stances or tabling all of the resolutions before the central committee, members of each congressional district caucused to elect their members of the executive board. Much congratulations are needed for our president, Lynda Foster, for being elected as the 6th Congressional District representative for the executive board of the Central Committee! Many members threw their hats into the ring, including many Young Democrats, and they should also be congratulated for being brave enough to step up to try to represent their congressional districts.

Young Democrats Lynda Foster and Rob Dolin, who were both elected to executive positions on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee!

Young Democrats Lynda Foster and Rob Dolin, who were both elected to executive positions on the Washington State Democratic Central Committee!

After the executive board was selected, we wrapped up and headed home. It was a great reorganization meeting, and reassuring to see we’ll have a strong central committee for the next two years. The next central committee meeting will be in April (a week after our convention) and is sure to be another important meeting charting the future of the state party!

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