YDWA Lobby Day 2015

On February 16th, Young Democrats from all over the state came together to take Olympia by storm. We had 55 Young Democrats meet with 40 legislators about the issues that matter to us.

We started off the day hearing from Senator Nelson, got a lobbying 101 training, and then heard from specialist about our seven agenda items. They informed the YD lobbyist about the issues before they went into the meetings.

At lunch we were extremely lucky to hear from newly elected Senator Pramila Jayapal who talked about some legislation she has been working on since her term began in January.

IMG_4577 Then Young Democrats broke off into their groups and planned for their meetings. We had meetings with a variety of legislators including Speaker Chopp and some republican legislators from Eastern Washington.We were able to discuss our agenda items with lawmakers or thank them if a vote had already take place. It was an incredible opportunity to make an impact, especially with policy cut off looming in the near future. We’ve seen huge strides in some of our agenda items including the Washington Voting Rights Act and Paid Sick Leave.

We ended our day with Congressman Denny Heck who spoke with us about the importance of young people being involved in the political process and answered some of our questions. It was great to hear from, a once young democrat who was elected to office at a young age.



During the day, many Young Democrats participated in a Scavenger Hunt. And the winner is….


……Shayna Daitch! Congratulations Shayna and thank you to everyone that sent us their pictures!

A huge shout to Ben Crowther, YDWA Vice President for Policy and Legislative Affairs for all his work for this event! It wouldn’t have happened without him!IMG_2021

The Young Democrats who attended made a huge difference in Olympia! Legislators heard from their constituents about important issues and the way that they impact young people. Thank you so much everyone that helped out or attended. It was a wonderful day! Already looking forward to next year!

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