The How-To Guide on chartering your own local chapter

Why charter your own chapter? Each chartered chapter gets benefits with the Young Democrats of Washington. They gain access to mentorship opportunities, local support, votes on key committees like the endorsement committee that selects priority candidates, and discounts to state-wide events.Traditionally chapters are chartered by geographical location (county) or educational institution (college or high school).

To charter a chapter we only need three things:

  • Current bylaws and/or charter
  • Proof of at least 5 members in your chapter
  • Meeting minutes from current board election

Proof of membership can be a variety of documents: meeting notes for when your current board was elected (assuming it has 5 or more members), a roster of membership, or a photo sheet with at least 5 real signatures.

To ask questions or submit documents, contact the appropriate regional director:

  • West of mountains? Send these documents to Josh Cole at
  • East of the mountains? Send these documents to David Barragan at

Chapters are chartered on a rolling basis, during regularly scheduled general board meetings or through email votes. To be chartered in time to have a voice on the the campaign committee, materials must be in by May 30th. Check out our chartered chapters!

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