Quite the Fight

The State of Washington has become a major part of the oil, gas and coal industries’ efforts to sell domestic carbon products to Asia. This has come in the form of the largest rail to marine transfer terminals in the U.S. being proposed up and down the state. Many of these projects are under review, and luckily some have failed to gain traction. Many cities across Washington, however, have joined the efforts of environmental groups and local residents to fight against these dangerous and polluting projects.


The Young Democrats of Washington have been working in this effort to elect environmentally responsible port commissioners, as well as local and state offices that can change antiquated policy and provide a sustainable future for our state. One of the YDWA 2015 priority candidates is Eric LaBrant who is running for the Vancouver Port Commission. He is running with the promise that he will fight the Tesoro oil transfer terminal that is being considered by the state, which would be the largest of its kind. Work done by the Young Democrats has helped him get through a crowded primary, and hopefully on to defeat his pro-oil opponent.

Electing better people to our ports, utilities and local governments is just one way that the Environmental Caucus intends to be a part of the fight to keep Washington green.

Written by Josh Egan of the YDWA Environmental Caucus.

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