Sexual Choices: Between You, Your Doctor, and Your Partner – and Maybe Your Best Friends

The YDWA Women’s Caucus posts monthly blog posts on topics related to all who identify as woman.  This months post was written by Vice-Chair Katie Crombie.

Women’s sexuality is a touchy topic. There are those that believe that it is in a woman’s own interest to be conservative about her sexual choices, whether that means number of partners or person inclinations for pleasure.

Let’s set the record straight: Women have vaginas. Some women have penises. And we can do whatever we want with them. Period.

Sex is not a negative topic. Sex is, and always should be, a fun and positive experience for all parties. Unless practiced unsafely, it should never be condemned.

In our western society, which we consider to be evolved, women who act outside of the sexual norms — who have to many partners, have too much fun, or otherwise violate our post-puritanical standards for sex — are considered “whores” and “sluts,” two of society’s worst insults.

But if the same characteristics are applied to a man, high fives are exchanged.

Women in this world are judged much more harshly than men for their sexual acts. “How many people have you been with? Who? Man, woman, neither, both?”

These are questions that should not have as much weight put on them as society attempts to apply; not just for those who have a lot of sex, but also those who choose to have none or are sex-repulsed.

Whether a woman likes men, women, any and all genders, or no gender at all, their sexual preferences and choices, or lack thereof, somehow make them open to criticism.

That is not what we believe is right or is fair. Who you bring into your bedroom is your business.

Unless you want to tell us about it, of course. What are best friends for?

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