First Presidential Debate and Straw Poll!

The true winners of the first presidential debate? Democrats! YDWA hosted a watch party at the West of Lenin theater in Freemont and gathered a crowd to hear the Democratic candidates debate policy, explain their voting records, and touch on their vision for America.

With each attendant’s ticket they purchased a straw poll T-shirt, with the final results being: Hillary at 35, Bernie at 31, and YDWA at 12. Congrats to Hillary Clinton for winning YDWA’s straw poll, although every Democrat who purchased a shirt can proudly support their favorite candidate!

straw poll 1straw poll 2 Thank you to our amazing sponsors:

Super delegate sponsors:

King County Democrats
Josh Cole
Greg Haffner

VIP sponsors:

46th Legislative District Democrats
Ben Cushman
Lynda Foster
Bill Phillips
Caylyn Rolph-Tate
Betsy Walker
James Williams

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