YDWA’s 2015 Election Roundup!

Election season has come and gone, complete with a range of victories and losses for Democrats across the state.

Here is YDWA’s 2015 Election Roundup!

In an historic election, Yakima YDWA Priority candidate Dulce Gutierrez and Avina Gutierrez had decisive victories, becoming the first first Latino city council members! A third Latino candidate- Carmen Mendez- is currently leading in her race but too close to call as of yet. The council will also make history as the first majority female council in city history.

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Disappointingly, it appears Washington voters will end up approving Tim Eyman’s I-1366 which will require a two-thirds majority in the state legislature to approve any new taxes or sources of revenue. However, the constitutionality of this measure is still in question.

In one of the more interesting election outcomes, Seattle’s ‘Honest Elections’ Initiative-122 passed with flying colors, instituting campaign finance restrictions and creating a voucher system in which registered voters can donate to the candidate of their choice.

The 30th LD was the primary focus of many this election season as Representative Carol Gregory fought to retain her seat against Republican Teri Hickel. This loss leaves Democrats with only a 2 seat advantage in the state House as we move towards the 2016 election cycle.


Elections are not won by the votes that are cast, but by the votes that aren’t. It appears this statement holds true in many cases as statewide voter turnout hovers just below 28% (as of Wednesday, November 4th updates to SOS page). Democrats have struggled the past few election cycles as turnout nationwide has been anemic. As we turn our sites towards the presidential cycle, we have the chance to re-energize and reinvigorate young voters across the state with the values of YDWA.

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Thanks to all our YD volunteers who knocked doors & made phone calls to help Democratic candidates in 2015, and congratulations to all of our YDWA priority candidates for running smart, passionate, campaigns that highlight the values of Young Democrats across the state! Your leadership has been inspiring and we look forward to seeing all you accomplish.

On to 2016!


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