16 Reasons You Should Register for Convention

YDWA’s exceptional and hilarious National Committeeman, Phil Gardner, has 16 reasons for you to attend convention. And really, why argue?

Are you a Millennial and/or younger than 36 youth in the PNW? Do you dislike the words that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth? Do you support Radical Left-Wing Ideas like birth control and polar ice caps?

If so, well boy howdy bucko do I have the weekend getaway for you and your youthful circle of friends: the Young Democrats of Washington’s 2016 State Convention, happening February 26 – 28 in the Vancouver that is not in Canada! deets: http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/

“Isn’t there a catch? There’s always a catch.” Smart shopper, you are! Here’s the dealio, intrigued but skeptical reader: early registration ends today, Wednesday, at The Stroke Of Midnight. So the best time to register is RIGHT NOW: http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/

Go on. Open up your Calendar mobile app or pull out the loose shingle you’ve been writing your to-do’s and commitments on for the past month. Put the YDWA 2016 State Convention on there for the weekend of February 26 to 28: http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/

Here’s the link to register: http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/ I want to make sure you didn’t miss that link:http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/

Still unconvinced? Rude. But fine, here are the Top 16 reasons to attend:

1. Knowledge is power, and this weekend will be full of new ~knowledge~ for you to acquire. Knowledge will literally ooze from the walls of the Vancouver Hilton. Panels and speakers and workshops oh my!

2. Did you know? There are many other young people in other parts of Washington who share you values, and who care about the things you care about. You will get to meet them! Maybe even become Facebook friends?

3. Maybe I’ll host a workshop on a fascinating public policy area that is relevant to your interests and concerns. Wouldn’t that be fun for both of us?

4. Maybe I’ll host a Santa’s workshop where you create some handcrafted holiday gifts for the important people in your life. Yes, this will be far less topical in late February, but no less meaningful to the gift recipient.

5. You can swing by a Vancouver Burgerville for dinner, simply the best fast dining experience ever. They have veggie options!

6. Greg Haffner’s (YDWA’S Vice President of Operations) cat Torgo will be back again, hosting his annual late night rendezvous “Torgo À Gogo: Beeline To The Feline”.

7. Invited guests include: Bono, Malala Yousafzai, the cast of Orange Is the New Black, Portlandia characters Toni and Candace, Marshawn Lynch.

8. Do you enjoy riverside strolls in the twilight? I’m told by a reliable source that Vancouver has a river.

9. 2016 is a leap year, and it’s very lucky to be traveling the weekend before Leap Day.

10. Can’t wait until dinner for your Burgerville? There are also locations in Centralia and Longview for you to stop in. Ask for Frank, but don’t ask twice.

11. Lynda Foster (YDWA’s President) will finally reveal the location of her buried treasure chest, full of golden doubloons and up-to-date volunteer lists.

12. You know that friend from high school who lives in Portland now but you don’t see them very often? Well well well, what a prime opportunity to see their face.

13. I’ll be there.

14. I’ll be there for you.

15. Not a reason but here’s the registration link again: http://ydwa.org/…/save-the-date-2016-ydwa-convention-in-va…/

16. Democracy is not a spectator sport! It’s a Facebook app that you will never stop getting notifications about so you might as well get good at it mhmmm? My logic is sound.

See you in the ‘Couve.

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