YDWA 2016 Endorsements

Thank you to all the candidates who took the time to seek the endorsement of our organization. It means a lot that you value and prioritize the voices of young Democrats. 

-Caylyn Rolph-Tate, YDWA Endorsements Committee Chair

The following decisions were made based off of the recommendations of the committee, and then brought to the general body for further debate and. All endorsements required a majority vote from the entire general body.


Jay Inslee, Governor

Bob Ferguson, Attorney General

Tina Podlodowski, Secretary of State

Jeff Sprung, State Auditor

Pat McCarthy, State Auditor

Erin Jones, OSPI

Chris Reykdal, OSPI
Derek Kilmer, CD-6

Brady Walkinshaw, CD-7

Adam Smith, CD-9
Mary Yu, Justice Position 1

Barbara Madsen, Justice Position 5
Mark Mullet, Senator LD-5

Bob Hasegawa, Senator LD-11

Rhenda Strub, LD-22 Position 1

Laurie Dolan, LD-22 Position 1

Beth Doglio, LD-22 Position 2

Christine Rolfes, Senator LD-23

Laurie Jinkins, Rep. LD-27

Mia Gregerson, Rep. LD-33

John Lovick, Rep. LD-44

Gerry Pollet, Rep. LD-46

Annette Cleveland, Senator LD-49

Sharon Wylie, Rep. LD-49 Position 1

Alishia Topper, Rep. LD-49 Position 2

Monica Stonier, Rep. LD-49 Position 2
Endorsements were tabled for the following races until after the filing deadline when they will be reconsidered:

Lieutenant Governor

Commissioner of Public Lands

LD-5 Position 1

LD-5 Position 2

LD-19 Position 1

LD-43 Position 1

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