Welcome Back Young Democrats of Skagit County!

Meet the new Skagit County YD's!

Meet the new Skagit County YD’s!

The Young Democrats of Skagit County has recently reorganized and rechartered with the Young Democrats of Washington. The chapter was very active between 2008 and 2012, but has been on hiatus. On April 3, the chapter adopted their constitution and elected new officers: President Chance Young; Executive Vice President Malachi Simpson; Director of Finance Paul Grzelak; Director of Communications Desirae Golis; Director of Membership and Outreach James Stewart; and Director of Political and Legislative Affairs J.R. Fort.

The Young Democrats of Skagit County is a great group that looks forward to impacting progressive politics at all levels. For example, nearly all of their meeting attendees have been delegates to the Skagit County Convention and respective LD caucuses. In order to further engage young people, the chapter will be holding a meeting for all young Democratic delegates in Skagit to talk about how to progress through the delegate selection process, and participate in the Democratic Party. The chapter looks forward to empowering young people through Democratic politics and laying the ground work for continued growth in Skagit County.

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