Meet our National Delegates!

This year Washington State will be sending 49 delegates 36 or under to the Democratic National Convention! Meet the six youth delegates who are also leaders in the Young Democrats of Washington:

NoahHave you met Noah? Noah is President of the Young Democrats of the University of Washington and the only Asian American national delegate for Hillary Clinton. Noah is 20 and has already worked as a campaign organizer in a successful Seattle City Council campaign and a part-time legislative assistant. He’s a PCO, on the board of the 43rd LD Democrats and has dedicated countless hours of time to volunteering for the Democrats and organizing youth to engage in politics. Consider donating to Noah’s trip to Philly!

arneHave you met Arne? He’s the Young Democrats of Kitsap County Chair and a national delegate for Bernie Sanders. This last year he made thousands of volunteer calls for his childhood school district to help with a successful bond levy to replace 70-year-old buildings. He is active in his local Democratic organizations and was appointed a PCO. This year he is rocking his first campaign job as a Field Organizer for the Washington Democrats Coordinated Campaign. Consider pitching in to his fundraising efforts for Philadelphia!

natalieHave you met Natalie? She’s the Political Director for the Pierce County Young Democrats and the only young woman of color National Delegate for Hillary Clinton. After the precinct caucuses she started working with the political consulting firm Orca Organizing and is managing a critical Pierce County Council campaign to help us flip the council blue. As a student she organized around LGBTQ, womens, and immigrant issues and was active in the College Democrats. Consider donating to Natalie’s trip to the DNCC!

jakeHave you met Jake? Jake is one-half of the dynamic duo controlling the North Central Young Democrats (that’s right, Wenatchee, you have Young Democrats!) and a national delegate for Bernie Sanders. Jake was a leader in the in the College Democrats before moving to Washington with Americorps. He’s campaigned for Bernie as well as local Democrats in north central Washington. Please consider donating to his trip to Philly!

ShaynaHave you met Shayna? Shayna is the past secretary of the Young Democrats of America and has the most accomplished political resume among our delegates! She got her start in politics in middle school, when her mother took her to volunteer for a local judicial race. She has worked on campaigns for President Barack Obama and Senator Claire McCaskill as well as campaigns in Oklahoma, Washington and a dozen other states. She works in reproductive health care rights and led teams fighting for Hillary in 13 states during the 2016 Democratic Primary. Help send Shayna to represent Hilary at the DNCC!

LyndaHave we met yet? I’m Lynda Foster, and I have successfully stepped down from all Young Democrat positions. I now do things like help lead 3 caucuses, get the most votes for at-large delegate for Hillary Clinton, and wander my neighborhood playing Pokemon Go. I’ve done 8 years of state wide political and youth organizing. This year folks were tremendously generous towards me and I don’t need to ask you to contribute to my trip. Thing is, most of the folks up above are just starting off their political careers and building their networks. One day they’ll have friends state-wide getting their back, at the moment they could really, really use your help.

So scroll back up this email and make a donation to one or all of these amazing delegates. Thank you for getting us to Philadelphia!

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