Higher Education Caucus Blog: Higher Education Funding, Clinton’s Tuition Proposal

By Jake Snell, YDWA Higher Education Caucus Chair

With college affordability in the United States at a historic low and the burden on low income students extremely high, higher education is bound to attract a large amount of attention this election cycle. Hillary Clinton has just introduced a different College Tuition Proposal that seeks to eliminate tuition and public in-state universities for students of families who make $125,000 a year or less. This comes at a time when state-funding is being cut around the country, with Washington being unable to satisfy the need of State Need Grants.

Clinton’s new plan is a huge step forward in properly funding higher-education, but many are concerned about its viability. As it relies on states contributing tax dollars, it could become problematic if states refuse to cooperate. Even with this potential setback, we as democrats should stand behind Hillary and this proposal as it would give many more people opportunities for an education that is essential in the sort of marketplace graduates are entering.

We need to have our voices heard regarding the proper funding of higher education in this state. This is why the higher education caucus exists, in order to allow members of our organization and our allies get a message out regarding our futures we will focus on projects this year to speak out for more accessibility to higher public education.

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