YDWA Convention 2017: What to Expect


Registered for convention? Here’s what to expect!

Thank you for registering for YDWA Convention 2017: #ResistAndPersist. With 175 (!) registered, this is going to be an absolute blast! To make things go smoothly for you all, we put together a FAQ for you before your arrival. It is long, but has important and helpful information. If your question was not answered here, follow up and we will answer.

How do I get there?

Convention is at Hotel RL Olympia by Red Lion

2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502

FYI, you DO NOT have to pay for parking at the hotel, woo!

Some chapters are organizing their own carpools. Please contact your chair. (If you do not know who your chair is, please email lakecia.farmer@ydwa.org) If they do not have carpools, you can join this Facebook group and see if anyone is carpooling from your area.

When should I arrive?

Convention starts with a welcome reception!

Where: Fish Tale Brewpub: 515 Jefferson St SE, Olympia, WA 98501

When: 6pm-8pm

What: Some light appetizers provided but please plan to purchase delicious food and beverages while listening to local speakers including City Council Member Jim Cooper, Representative Beth Dogilo, and Kelsey Huse, a previous candidate for County Commissioner. Afterwards, we may break up to go hang out in hotel rooms.

How do I get a hotel room?

The special discount has passed but you can still reserve a hotel room at regular price by visiting https://www.redlion.com/olympia or calling(360) 943-4000. But before you do that, please check with your chapter chair or in this Facebook group. There may be rooms available.

*Important note about hotel rooms*: They are NOT carpet. Be prepared just in case someone is sleeping on the floor (not recommended).

What food is provided?

There will be light refreshments on Friday night at Fish Tale Brewpub (see above). Saturday, if you bought a VIP ticket, there will be light refreshments. Dinner is provided Saturday night. Unfortunately, the hotel does not provide breakfast, but Sunday morning, there will be a buffet for 10 dollars.

What do I wear?

You are, of course, free to wear what your heart desires. These are merely suggestions:

  • Friday night – casual
  • Saturday day – business casual. This means avoid jeans, some people dress all the way up in suits.
  • Saturday VIP reception/banquet – fun formal. Suits/cocktail dresses are recommended.
  • Saturday night – casual
  • Sunday business – casual- however, if you’re running for something you may want to look nice.

What do I do when I show up?

We’ll have a sign in table that will have all the info you need. Check in Friday night to get questions answered, check in Saturday morning to get materials for the day. If you show up super late, we’ll leave some info at the front desk to help have questions answered. If all else fails, here is our program for the weekend.

What is there to do at convention?

Convention basically breaks down into three things – receptions and dinners, panels and workshops, and business.

Each reception and banquet has awesome speakers, including our Keynote, Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Our panels and workshops bring in experts to teach you more about current events and enhance your skills. Business meetings set up YDWA’s structure for next year, and on Sunday we elect new leadership to carry us forward.

Here is our programming on Saturday. A more detailed version is here.

How do elections work?

Lucky you! We’ve created a guide on every position that is open for election this year. Please read it here. If you are interested in running, send over your statements to Joanna.nesgoda@gmail.com. She will be posting declarations at ydwa.org.

Can people still register for convention?

Yes! Late registration is $45 until tonight (April 6)!. ($50 for non-chapter members). After that, at-the-door registration is $75.

When does convention end?

Hopefully when we get through most of business on Saturday, Sunday will go quickly. Our goal is to only have elections on Sunday starting at 10am and lasting for an hour or two so that you all can get home in a timely manner!

See you there! -LaKecia Farmer, YDWA President

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