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A Quick Word on the Process

Hey there, Mike DeVine here, now-former Vice President of Operations. I’d like to take a moment to thank the entire membership of YDWA for their tremendous patience, flexibility, and resilience during what has to have been one of the most tumultuous years in YDWA’s history- a year where “swarm of murder hornets” somehow barely registered as a blip on the radar.

This virtual election process has necessitated what may be the single greatest concentration of power placed in the hands of an Executive Vice President and Vice President of Operations in our history, and on mine and Josie’s behalf I’d like you all to know that we have considered it an honor and a privilege to have been trusted with such a crucial function of our organization. I hope that in your eyes we have fulfilled that duty honorably.

Though we’ve had our share of hiccups and glitches along the way, I’ve been continually inspired by our members’ willingness to adapt to meet these challenging times. Some of you may have noticed we had issues rolling out emails to members in a timely fashion, and I’d like to take this chance to again take responsibility for that and apologize. Meeting capacity for sending emails to large groups is a lesson we’ll need to learn for next year, although it brings with it an incredible statistic:

If we go by Convention attendance to measure election turnout, our numbers typically range between 150-200 eligible voters. But this year? We had a staggering 360 voters receive ballots, nearly double our previous record going back at least a decade.

By this metric, this has been the most accessible election in recent YDWA history, which gives me faith that these results show us the most accurate representation of YDWA’s membership in recent history.

This process has also given us the most data to comb through of any election in recent history, and I’ll be sharing that data with you all as we prepare it (excluding personally identifiable info, of course!) So look forward to an exciting, no-holds-barred smackdown of pie charts and bar graphs!

In the meantime, and without further ado, I’m happy to share the final results below. Congratulations to our new team, and I’m looking forward to passing the baton to (spoiler alert) our new VP of Operations Nicole Palczewski, who I have no doubt will knock it out of the park with our very first virtual Convention, coming later this summer!

In solidarity,

Mike DeVine

Former Vice President of Operations

Final Results


Derek Richards

2020 YDWA President: Derek Richards 95 votes, Spencer Lively 66 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Executive Vice President

Capri Holden

2020 YDWA Executive Vice President: Capri Holden 83 votes, Kevin Phan 73 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Vice President of Operations

Nicole Palczewski

2020 YDWA Vice President of Operations: Eric Fejeran 43 votes, Nicole Palczewski 112 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Vice President of Membership Engagement

Mark Carlos

2020 YDWA Vice President of Membership Engagement: Bennett Massey-Helber 66 votes, Mark Carlos 87 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Vice President of Government Affairs

Lillian Ferraz

2020 YDWA Vice President of Government Affairs: Hannah Oliver 45 votes, Lillian Ferraz 91 votes, Matthew Lang 23 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Vice President of Communications

Gwen Beebe

2020 YDWA Vice President of Communications: Gwen Beebe 142 votes, Write-In Candidates 9 votes

Eastern Region Director

Christopher Jackson

2020 YDWA Eastern Region Director: Ava Sharifi 16 votes, Christopher Jackson 18 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Southern Region Director

Gloria Lopez Avina

2020 YDWA Southern Region Director: Gloria Lopez Avina 15 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes

Western Region Director

Ian Nickel

2020 YDWA Western Region Director: Elijah Rakha-Sheketoff 40 votes, Ian Nickel 55 votes, Write-In Candidates 0 votes
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