Don’t Forget to Register!

Have questions about YDWA member registration? Read on!

How Do I Register?

There are two ways to register as a YDWA member:

  1. Fill out the YDWA member registration form
  2. Register as a member in good standing with one of our local chapters

Do I Need To Register With Both YDWA And My Local Chapter?

Nope! YDWA matches up our own registration data with our local chapters’ info regularly- so if you’re an active member of a YDWA chapter in good standing, you’re already registered with YDWA.

However, if you’d like to share more about yourself, or if your info has changed since you registered, or if you’re just unsure we have all the correct info, you can always submit the YDWA member registration form at any time, as many times as you need- we’ll make sure your info stays up-to-date.

Why Do I Need To Register?

Per our Constitution, we must verify that our members are under 36 years old and reside in Washington. We also require a contact method so we can reach you with important materials, such as ballots for our board elections.

What Do I Get For Registering?

Folks who have registered can:

  • Vote and run in YDWA board elections
  • Attend local chapter meetings, our annual state Convention, and other events
  • And much more!

I’ve Still Got Some Questions

No worries! You can always contact us with any questions or comments.

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