Presenting the Winners of YDWA’s 2022-23 Elections

The election results have been validated, and we are happy to report (in reverse order) the winners of each election.

  • Eastern Region Director: KJ January
  • National Committee Representative (non-female gender identity): Arne Nelson
  • Vice President of Technology: Rachid Erekaini
  • Vice President of Operations: Winter Cashman
  • Vice President of Membership & Engagement: Matthew R. Lang
  • Vice President of Government Affairs: Paul Charbonneau
  • Vice President of Events & Education: Tanya Lavoy
  • Vice President of Communications: Stephanie Powers
  • Executive Vice President: Nick CastroLang
  • YDWA President: Matt Kanter

We look forward to seeing what next year brings for this organization!

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine

I'm great in small doses!

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