Higher Education Caucus Blog: Higher Education Funding, Clinton’s Tuition Proposal

By Jake Snell, YDWA Higher Education Caucus Chair With college affordability in the United States at a historic low and the burden on low income students extremely high, higher education is bound to attract a large amount of attention this election cycle. Hillary Clinton has just introduced a different College Tuition Proposal that seeks to […]

What does Pride mean? QT Blog & “Becoming Alice” video

What does Pride mean? Reflecting on the history and necessity of Queer Pride By Queer and Trans Caucus Chair, Alice T Crowe This last weekend saw the Seattle Pride Parade, where half a million residents partied with rainbows and glitter. Hundreds of groups marched — including this very caucus — with allies, queers, and trans […]

#StopOilTrains Week of Action, Environmental Caucus Blog

#StopOilTrains Week of Action, July 6-12 By: Ethan Fetz, New YDWA Environmental Caucus Chair July 6, 2016 Today marks the three-year anniversary of when a volatile oil train derailed in Lac-Mégantic, Québec, incinerating the town center and killing nearly 50 people. This type of explosion remains a very real threat in cities and towns throughout […]

Caucus Chartering

How to charter a caucus? YDWA Advocacy Director Genevieve Huard and Communications Director LaKecia Farmer will present on the rules and expectations of YDWA Caucuses at 11am Saturday February 27 in room “Discovery C” during YDWA Convention. The first step to working with YDWA to advocate for the issue you’re most passionate about is to […]

Looking Forward on Higher Ed: Funding the State Need Grant Should Be A Priority

This blog post was written by Noah An, chair of the Higher Education Caucus. Back in August, I wrote about the tuition cuts that were greeting in-state college students here in Washington as they returned to campus. In that post, I discussed some of the downsides of the bipartisan tuition cut, including the cutting of […]

Higher Education Caucus Response to the House Budget

On March 27th, 2015, the Democratic Leadership in the Washington State House of Representatives released their proposed 2015-17 biennial budget (PSHB 1106). In it, roughly $140.4 million will go towards Higher Education in the state. The budget, all told, has several benefits. For starters, it continues the tuition freeze for resident undergraduates, in addition to […]

The Women’s Caucus would like to wish Gloria Steinem a Happy Birthday!

In honor of Gloria Steinem and her critical role in the second wave of Feminism, let’s chat about what Feminism really is. Unfortunately, some people see Feminists as bra-burning man haters, a reductive and inaccurate portrayal of the movement. So let’s move beyond this misconception and get down to the brass tacks on Feminism. Feminism […]

March Madness: Women Caucus is on the rise

March is Women’s Caucus History Month Madness!! March is Women’s History Month so we want to celebrate the month with a bang and some great public service! First, we are holding a Women’s Feminine Hygiene Products drive that will kick off the first of March and span the whole month. Representatives from the caucus will […]

Labor Caucus celebrates Paid Sick Days in Tacoma – looks to go statewide

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama asked Congress to send him a bill that would guarantee seven days of paid sick leave a year for each worker. Although we all know that this Congress will not pass such a bill, that does not mean that we cannot push paid sick leave […]

Environment Caucus Statement on Jay Inslee’s carbon reduction proposal

As you may know, Governor Inslee just released a proposal requiring industry to pay money by way of dollar per ton of carbon emitted. 130 companies in Washington State would be on the hook under said proposal. This cap-and-trade program is expected to raise $1 billion for a transportation package. One may raise the question, […]