Paint the Town Blue Spokane Wrap Up

Last weekend 14 Young Democrats from across the state traveled to Spokane. We knocked on over 400 doors for Shar Lichty, toured the heart of downtown Spokane on a pedal-powered trolley and feasted at some classic Spokane resturants. Thank you to our sponsors the Spokane County Democrats, Representative Timm Ormsby, the 3rd LD Democrats, Representative […]

Paint The Town Blue: Spokane

After two years, YDWA is returning to Spokane. It’s going to be an exciting weekend of getting to know Spokane, supporting great Democratic candidates and of course, a giant laser tag match. It is going to be a great weekend and we want you to come along. If you like fun, Young Democrats and politics […]

Open Position on YDWA board

The Young Democrats of Washington has a new position on our board open for applications. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter (on what you would do in the position) to Applications close on August 25, at which point LaKecia, President, will share application information and her recommendation with the general board, […]

Paint the Town Blue: Bellingham!

The Young Democrats of Washington will be heading to Bellingham for our Paint the Town Blue event August 26-28th. Will it feature the Spark Museum, an interactive musuem featuring electricity? Will we be doorbelling for great state House candidate Sharlaine LaClaire? Will there be brunch? Yes. If you like fun, Young Democrats and politics register […]

Higher Education Caucus Blog: Higher Education Funding, Clinton’s Tuition Proposal

By Jake Snell, YDWA Higher Education Caucus Chair With college affordability in the United States at a historic low and the burden on low income students extremely high, higher education is bound to attract a large amount of attention this election cycle. Hillary Clinton has just introduced a different College Tuition Proposal that seeks to […]

What does Pride mean? QT Blog & “Becoming Alice” video

What does Pride mean? Reflecting on the history and necessity of Queer Pride By Queer and Trans Caucus Chair, Alice T Crowe This last weekend saw the Seattle Pride Parade, where half a million residents partied with rainbows and glitter. Hundreds of groups marched — including this very caucus — with allies, queers, and trans […]

Meet our National Delegates!

This year Washington State will be sending 49 delegates 36 or under to the Democratic National Convention! Meet the six youth delegates who are also leaders in the Young Democrats of Washington: Have you met Noah? Noah is President of the Young Democrats of the University of Washington and the only Asian American national delegate […]

#StopOilTrains Week of Action, Environmental Caucus Blog

#StopOilTrains Week of Action, July 6-12 By: Ethan Fetz, New YDWA Environmental Caucus Chair July 6, 2016 Today marks the three-year anniversary of when a volatile oil train derailed in Lac-Mégantic, Québec, incinerating the town center and killing nearly 50 people. This type of explosion remains a very real threat in cities and towns throughout […]

Opening on YDWA’s board – apply today!

The Young Democrats of Washington has a new position on our board open for applications. To apply, please send your resume and a paragraph on what you would do in the position to Applications close on July 7, at which point LaKecia, President and Taehlor, Vice President of Communications will share application information and […]

YDWA Gathers Signatures at County Conventions

This past Sunday at Democratic county conventions Young Democrats from five counties across the state. We gathered 405 signatures in Kitsap, Pierce, Thurston, Snohomish, and King Counties. Thanks to all of the Young Democrats who organized and gathered signatures, we were able to gather over 400 signatures for the Opportunity for Olympia, I-1433, and I-1491!

What’s Plaguing You?

Every year during the Passover Seder (ceremonial meal celebrating the beginning of Passover) it’s a tradition to dip a finger in your glass of wine and drip ten drops on your plate symbolize the ten plagues that hit the Egyptians. But in my family we also go around the table and each describe a “modern […]

Welcome Back Young Democrats of Skagit County!

The Young Democrats of Skagit County has recently reorganized and rechartered with the Young Democrats of Washington. The chapter was very active between 2008 and 2012, but has been on hiatus. On April 3, the chapter adopted their constitution and elected new officers: President Chance Young; Executive Vice President Malachi Simpson; Director of Finance Paul […]