Caucus Leaders

Caucuses chartered with the Young Democrats of Washington are the advocacy arm of the organization. They are managed by the Advocacy Director and charged with completely a caucus project. They can work with the Policy Director and Communications Department to do research projects and share the Young Democrats of Washington’s perspective on current affairs.

What makes up a caucus?

  • A list of at least five members of the caucus, including a Caucus Chair
  • A one-sentence summary of the constituency the caucus seeks to represent
  • A paragraph-length description of activities the caucus might lead or participate in over the next year

Once these applications are submitted to the Advocacy Director, the Advocacy Director will present materials to the general board with a recommendation to charter or not. Before chartering, the general board must have the opportunity to question the proposed chair or vice chair of the organization on their mission and values.

Current YDWA Caucuses

Democrats with Disabilities Caucus – Terique Scott, Chair

Terique ScottMy name is Terique Scott. I have been a Seattle resident for over 3 years. I moved here from Cincinnati, Ohio. When I moved here, I was able to meet Elizabeth Campbell and through her I was able to really find a home in in the Seattle area by meeting and getting involved with other great organizations such as KCYD, Belltown Community Council, PACE and now YDWA.

I am very passionate about People of Color with disabilities, racism, prison to school pipeline, LGBT rights and Environmental issues. I feel there should be more awareness for people of color and their issues in the Washington area, especially in Seattle where gentrification has displaced a lot of long time residents of areas such as Central District which was a historically African American community. Also the current climate has me scared as I do not want to see Washington affected by wild fires such as what you see going on with California and Colorado. Global Warming is happening to our world right now and we need to figure out how to combat the effects. I would like to bring new ideas and more diverse experience to YDWA. I hope to continue the great legacy YDWA has brought to the Washington community regarding community engagement and action.

In my free time, I love to play flag football, basketball, row, sail and listen to a variety of music such as Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock and Roll.

Environmental Caucus – Capri Holden, Chair

Capri HoldenI am a born and raised Washingtonian. Born in Yakima, and I have spent the rest of my years split all around the state. I received my B.S. in Biology from EWU. My tattoos help tell the most important times in my history. An Orca, for my time as an Outdoor Environmental Educator on Orcas Island. Mickey Tiki, for the last couple of years spent on the Southern Island of New Zealand. I have learned a lot about how community can shape our environment over the last decade and I am ready to put that knowledge to use as Environmental Caucus Chair.

 Queer and Trans Caucus – Josie Ellison, Chair

Josie EllisonJosie grew up in rural Spokane (where they got into a lot of political arguments), then moved to the other side of the state (where they still get in a lot of political arguments). They graduated from WWU and currently work for the State Legislature in Olympia. They were brought into politics by a love for others and hope to show that through organizing and advocacy. As Committeeman they hope to foster discussion and change to create a more queer inclusive YDA. They like cats, Star Trek, cheesy sci-fi, hanging out outdoors, and snapping their fingers for things they agree with.





Womxn’s Caucus – Carly Coburn, Chair


Jewish Caucus – Maddie Grossan, Chair


People’s Caucus of Color (PCOC) – Ashley Brown, Chair


Under 21 Caucus – Dennis Jeppson, Chair


Eastern Washington Caucus – Alexis Romero, Chair


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