The Convention registration process has three steps they are:

  1. Payment (via ActBlue)
  2. Registration (via this form)
  3. Book a hotel room (optional)

To be more specific: Once you complete the payment you will be emailed a ticket, that ticket number will be used to complete the registration. If you would like a scholarship just skip Step 1 and go straight to Step 2. If you’d like a partial scholarship (where you pay something but not the full rate) please email Matt Kanter today. After paying do not delay in completing the registration.

You don’t need a hotel room to participate in convention. If you’d like to book your own room you must do so by April 30th. If you’d like to stay at a hotel but cannot book a room yourself please do the following 1) Contact your chapter president to ask about a room block. 2) In Step 2 say you need assistance for a room (unless step 1 was super successful and you have a room). 3) Email Matt Kanter ASAP so we can help you.

More details about registration below.

More Details

Rate Information

  • $45 – Early Bird – (Until March 28th)
  • $75 – Standard – (From March 28th)
  • +$25 – Add entry to our VIP reception on Saturday

If you want a full scholarship just fill out the registration page, if you want a partial scholarship, contact Matt Kanter.

ActBlue Ticket Information

After completing step 1 and paying you will be emailed a ticket. Check your spam if you do not receive it.  The ticket number you need to complete the registration is below the bar code in the ticket. See example below.

Registration information for Minors

If a participant is under the age of 18, a parent/guardian waiver for minors must be submitted immediately after registration to

If you have children under the age of 14 and plan to attend with them, they can attend without purchasing a ticket. However, YDWA is not liable for them and you will be required to supervise them the entire weekend.

Financial Assistance

Cost will be no barrier. If you cannot afford, registration, hotel, transportation, or any costs associated with convention just complete the registration form (skipping payment) and email Matt Kanter.

Miscellaneous Information

Waivers & Forms(Included in registration packet)

In registering for this event, the registrant and participant agree to abide by the Young Democrats of Washington’s Participant Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement.

Also included in registration is the YDWA Code of Conduct & Safe Space Policy and a Photo Release.


Interested in sponsoring us? Check out our sponsorship page!


If you’re an alum wishing to attend Convention, email for more information. You may also want to consider sponsoring us! Contact Matt for ticket information

YDWA reserves the right of admission and may ask for proof of identification from participants in order to comply with any appropriate law or regulation.