Each Department is led by a different Vice President, who serves on our Executive Board.


Serving under the Vice President of Communications, the Communications Department is the public face of YDWA.

Government Affairs

Serving under the Vice President of Government Affairs, the Department of Government Affairs manages YDWA’s advocacy and lobbying efforts.

Membership Engagement

Serving under the Vice President of Membership Engagement, the Department of Membership Engagement organizes on-the-ground activities throughout the state, including determining campaign efforts and providing training and resources to local YDWA chapters. The Region Directors work directly with local chapter chairs.


Serving under the Vice President of Operations, the Department of Operations manages day to day operations for the organization.

Party Affairs

The Party Affairs Department is lead by the Executive Vice President, who manages the relationships with the Democratic Party at all levels. All members of this department serve on the YDWA Executive Board. The Party Affairs team includes two National Committee members, and the WSDCC Respresentative.


Serving under the Vice President of Technology, the Department of Technology manages technological and data concerns for the organization.