Local Chapters

Local Chapters can be charted by geographical location or educational institutions. Traditionally, they are charted by county and college. We also accept high school chapters. Local chapters are managed by the Eastern, Southern, and Western Washington Directors, whose roles are to provide guidance and resources from YDWA.

Chartering a New Local Chapter

To charter a chapter you need:

  • 5 members
  • A record of a meeting where members voted to create your local chapter
  • A governing document (constitution and bylaws) approved at a past meeting (contact us for samples)

Send these materials to the Eastern Director if you are located east of the mountains, the Western Director if you are located west of the mountains, or the Southern Director if you’re located further south.

Current County Chapters Chartered With YDWA

Clallam County Young Democrats

Ian Nickel, Chair

Email | Facebook

Young Democrats of Clark County

Heather Beaupre Lindberg, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter

King County Young Democrats

Derek Richards, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Young Democrats of Kitsap County

Sophia Blamey, Chair

Email | Facebook

Young Democrats of Skagit County

Mayra Velaz, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook

Snohomish County Young Democrats

Kevin Phan, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Spokane County Young Democrats

Nicholas CastroLang, Chair

Email | Facebook

Thurston County Young Democrats

Michael Tobias, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook

Current College and University Chapters Chartered With YDWA

CWU Young Democrats

Payton Swinford, Chair

Email | Facebook | Instagram

Gonzaga Young Democrats

Anthony Willins, Chair

Email | Website | Twitter

Young Democrats at the University of Washington

Anne Williamson, Chair

Email | Facebook | Twitter

Young Democrats at Washington State University

Hannah Martian, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter

Young Democrats of WWU

Brandon Lane, Chair

Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

High School Chapters

Washington State High School Democrats (WASHSD)

Lillian Ellis, Chair

Email | Website | Sign Up

2 Responses

  1. Akourakali McCormick says:

    Hi YDWA, my name is AK & I live in Spokane, I would like to join a local chapter. What is the best way for me to join the young democrats?

  2. Alexander Hammond, PH.D. says:

    I urge the YD of WSU to oppose the YR’s symbolic building of Trump’s wall. I also, as long-time member of the Whitman County Democrats and Emeritus faculty member of WSU, urge the YD’s to bring the issue home to WSU students by sponsoring a CUB debate on the proposition that Mike Leach, WSU’s football coach, should apologize for abusing his position and the university by pubically endorsing Donald Trump fpr president–a man whose racist, sexist, xenophobic values are opposed to everything that WSU works to overcome.

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