Meet Our Management Team

The Young Democrats of Washington is led by the President, with several Vice Presidents who each lead a Department. They all serve on the Executive Board, along with our National Committee representatives, and WSDCC Representative.


Derek Richards

You can reach Derek here.

Vice Presidents

Capri Holden, Executive Vice President

Capri Holden photo

Capri Holden is a legal assistant with a degree in Biology. Capri loves to travel and spent 2 years living in the gorgeous progressive country of New Zealand. Capri also happens to be the Young Democrats of America Pacific Region Director, keeping us connected with our Pacific team of Alaska, Hawaii, California, Idaho, and she is working diligently to bring back Young Democrat chapters in Oregon and Montana.

You can reach Capri here.

Nicole Palczewski, Vice President of Operations

You can reach Nicole here.

Mark Carlos, Vice President of Membership Engagement

You can reach Mark here.

Lillian Ferraz, Vice President of Government Affairs

You can reach Lillian here.

Gwen Beebe, Vice President of Communications

You can reach Gwen here.

Party Affairs

The Party Affairs Department is lead by the Executive Vice President, who manages the relationships with the Democratic Party at all levels. All members of this department serve on the YDWA Executive Board.

Capri Holden, National Committee Representative

You can reach Capri here.

Arne Nelson, National Committee Representative

You can reach Arne here.

Payton Swinford, WSDCC Representative

You can reach Payton here.

Elijah Rakha-Sheketoff, CDWA President

You can reach Elijah here.