Quite the Fight

The State of Washington has become a major part of the oil, gas and coal industries’ efforts to sell domestic carbon products to Asia. This has come in the form of the largest rail to marine transfer terminals in the U.S. being proposed up and down the state. Many of these projects are under review, […]

YDWA Goes to LA for the Young Democrats of America Convention!

This August 14 Young Democrats of Washington joined our national affiliate in Los Angeles for the biannual Young Democrats of America national convention. This is a lot like our own convention each year – with trainings from industry leaders, an opportunity to shape the platform and contribute to the charter and bylaws, and to meet […]

Paint the Town Blue: Olympia

Paint the Town Blue are events put on by YDWA, giving Young Democrats a chance to explore a new town, meet other Democrats, and support local communities. to Last year’s PTB events in Spokane and Vancouver were so successful that we decided to do them again this year. First PTB was in Olympia from July […]

Doorbelling fever!

Two weekends until the primary? YDWA spent Saturday morning out doorbelling all over the state! There’s one weekend to go, and we’d love it if you joined us in Olympia for our bi-annual Paint the Town Blue event!

A Trip to the YDA College Leadership Academy

As I reflect on my time in Washington DC, attending the YDA College Leadership Academy, I have come to contemplate a few things. First, when I was 7. I remember visiting the Washington monument and my brother and I playing in the National Mall, and then proceeding to break a massive branch off of a immaculate cherry tree; my […]

Cookies & the Gender Conversation

We’re going to double our Girl Scout cookie order next year. No, really: At the Young Democrats of Washington’s Women’s Caucus, we have never wondered whether a woman who was not born with women’s sex organs had a place in our organization. Neither has Girl Scouts of the United States. GSUSA has never wavered in […]

YDWA Holds Successful First Day of Action!

The Young Democrats of Washington held our first day of action of the 2015 campaign season for Representative Carol Gregory this past Saturday. Representative Gregory is running to retain her seat in a special election, making this a crucial race for maintaining a strong Democratic majority in the Washington State House of Representatives. We were […]

YDWA goes to LA for YDA Convention!

The Young Democrats of Washington are headed to Los Angles, California for the Young Democrats of America Convention August 19-23 and we want you to join us! YDA Convention is amazing chance to network with Young Democrats from across the country and attend workshops, trainings, and caucus spaces. Register now here: https://www.yda.org/civicrm/event/register?id=173&reset=1 Registration fees June […]

History Repeats Itself: A statement from the PCoC

History repeats itself. As cliché as it sounds, it bears saying in this instance. In the Pacific Northwest, we learn in our classrooms that in the 60’s, the civil rights movement happened, which means that everything has been solved, and we now live in a post racial society. To quote What a Load of Hope: […]

YDWA Day of Action for Carol Gregory

YDWA is excited to announce our first 2015 Priority Candidate: Representative Carol Gregory! We will be holding our first day of action Saturday, June 27th kicking campaign season off in true YD style by knocking doors, talking to voters, and playing laser tag. Are you a YD who wants to help elect Carol Gregory? RSVP […]

Dress Code Disaster

Warmer weather has arrived, and with it increased dress code reminders and hand-wringing about modesty and “covering up.” It seems summer always brings a waft of body shaming. After all, those bare arms, exposed legs and general lack of a petticoat might just inflame men to lose control. Dress codes across the world are unfairly […]

Nominate a YDWA Priority Candidate

The YDWA Campaign Committee is now accepting recommendations for our 2015 Priority Candidates! The candidates selected will get one day of action from a group of (at least) 10 Young Democrats. Feel free to submit your recommendations using the form below or click here. The deadline to submit  is 9pm on May 30th. Loading…